Aberdeen creates unique wall of sound with album Held Together

Aberdeen creates unique wall of sound with album Held Together

With its massive, one-of-a-kind sound, Aberdeen is proud to announce the release of its second album Held Together. It’s Aberdeen’s brand of jazz with pop inflections that contributed to their selection in the U.S. State Department’s American Music Abroad program — in this case a tour to Central Asia — where Aberdeen performed.

Held Together includes folk songs from around the world, featuring collaborators the band met while traveling, including
Mongolian throat-singer and beatboxer Beatbox Ray and the children’s ensemble Ayalguu,featuring traditional Mongolian instruments like the horse-head fiddle and yochin. In addition to traditional folk songs from around the world, Held Together features bombastic tracks that have been staples from their live sets, as well as original compositions that reflect a conscientiousness to singable melodies.

Held Together features Multi Grammy-winning drummer Antonio Sánchez (Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Birdman), as well as bassist Adam Neely, who hosts a 1.6 million+ subscriber music channel on YouTube.

Aberdeen features a brass section with jazz elements, paired with production and songwriting influences from pop music of today. Held Together is produced by Aberdeen’s bandleader and alto saxophonist Brian Plautz.

Aberdeen’s concerts often feature musicians spilling off of the stage into the audience — and a similarly large ensemble is featured on the album. Aberdeen’s music is about community; a large collective of musicians and collaborators; with the hope of sharing its music to audiences around the world.

Check it out here: https://aberdeentheband.bandcamp.com/album/held-together

1.Losing Eurydice (feat. Antonio Sánchez 04:37
2.Where Y’At 02:39
3.Rising Sun 06:06
4.Kyrgyz Jeri 04:27
5.Closing Medley 03:37
6.Sayang Kinabalu 04:37
7.Held Together 05:02
8.Losing Eurydice (Ballad Edit) 01:50

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