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At The Prog Report, we get dozens of artist submissions from unsigned and undiscovered bands daily. We truly appreciate the interest and desire to be featured on the site. While we try and review as many as we can, we really want to find a way to better help and expose as many new artists to our audience and the incredible prog rock fans. So we have set up a dedicated email where we will have a team of contributors checking out more of the music that is sent our way.

If you want to submit your band or music for consideration, please email to
Send only links (Spotify, mp3s or YouTube) and please no physical cds.

Coverage may result in sharing your a link to your music on our social media pages, a review of your submission, or placement on Prog Report Radio.



If you are looking for publicity or marketing services, please email Royal Avenue Media:

Available services include:

Digital Marketing Services (Facebook Adv, Video Ads, Website Design, etc.)
Press Releases to promote a release
Interview placements in online or print magazines
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
A&R Services
Banner Ads
Event Promotion

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