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Roie Avin, editor and founder of The Prog Report, is an avid progressive rock fan and has years of experience working in the music industry.  He is also a US Correspondent for PROG Mag in the UK, the premier publication for progressive rock music, and is the author of the book Essential Modern Progressive Rock Albums, which was released in December 2017.


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  • Hey there!
    We’re a local LA prog/art rock band named Principal Spinach. We’re putting out our third record soon and play the Roxy every month..on the up n up 🙂 Check us out! thanks!!!


  • Hey!

    Riverland (FIN) has released a new music video, press release:
    Finnish alternative folk duo Riverland has released a new music video from their self-titled debut album. The video can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dki6fOU6jAc.

    Riverland is a Finnish duo consisting of Mikko Heino on vocals and Roni Seppänen on guitar. The duo has been active since 2008 and they have played in various folk festivals, coffeehouses and bars around Finland and Baltic countries.

    Riverland released their debut album via Secret Entertainment in February 2013, and so far it has received glowing reviews worldwide. It is a concept album about imaginary place called Riverland, where people have learned to live together in harmony. The music could be described as nature inspired acoustic progressive rock with hints of folk music and modern pop. The whole album can be listened to at http://www.riverland.fi.

    Mikko & Roni/ Riverland

  • Hi there!

    My new band “Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side” has recently released a new EP called “The Other Side”. The songs can be heard on our website http://www.lindbergmusic.com or http://jonaslindbergotherside.bandcamp.com or Spotify.

    We also have a video out on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc19mssjf8Y and there is more to come!
    Check us out!


  • Shammywam

    Great site! I gather you’ve just started this thing this year so you’ve either been really lucky or really resourceful (or both) to get such names for your interviews! And interesting questions as well, keep it up!

    • picktheband

      Thanks! Spread the word.

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