Top 15 Prog Albums of 2015

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A list of the Top 15 Prog Albums of 2015.

chorsebloomcvr#10 – Caligula’s Horse – Bloom: Australian Alt/Prog/Metal group, Caligula’s Horse are out to take over the world with this statement of an album that bridges metal with alternative rock on their major label debut.  Songs like “Marigold” explode from the speakers with a metal attack, while radio ready tracks like “Firelight” are able to transcend beyond the standard Prog audience.

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Gazpacho Molok cover art#9 – Gazpacho – Molok: Gazpacho always bring something different and with ‘Molok,’ they continue that trend.  This album, with shorter songs than their previous album, contains a tribal vibe throughout but also has its delicate moments.  The albums lead single “Know Your Time” is one of their best to date while other tracks like “Park Bench” show their penchant for following no particular song structure at all.

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steve-hackett---wolflight-1421158734#8 – Steve Hackett – Wolflight: Steve Hackett’s latest album is the prefect blend of his recent work, incorporating some the Genesis-style he rediscovered with his Revisited tour, as well as the vocal harmonies and classical guitar melodies of his previous solo albums.  The result is one of his most enjoyable albums to date.  “Wolflight” is very much in the style of his classic Genesis output, which “Love Song to a Vampire” is a step beyond.

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conditionhuman#7 – Queensryche – Condition Human: Queensryche’s second album with new singer Todd La Torre takes the groundwork laid on the previous album and takes it to a whole new level.  Longer songs, more intricate parts and better arrangements make this the most exciting Queensryche album in more than 15 years.  This is a true delight for fans that have been longing for the classic sound of the band, but here it is done in a fresh and enthusiastic fashion.  The title track is like nothing they have recorded since ‘Empire.’

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Cover#6 – Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic: For any fans that always loved this band but wanted to see what they might sound like without all the growling vocals, this album answers that question.  And the answer is, they sound better than ever.  The album still retains some of the screaming and intensity of their previous work, but here they more forward without any apologies and produce a mesmerizing piece of work with peaks and valleys of emotion and styles.

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  • steven Wilson – second to none …riverside – cannot listen to end ,begun 4 Times…strange cause previous discs are ok…spock’s beard here at the best…steve hacket – kind of boring ,could be much better…gazpacho – nice and steady…tim bowness should score higher than here…the rest – turn to listen …

  • If we’re including progressive metal (which we seem to be), I think leaving TesseracT and Periphery off this list is a serious oversight.

  • Extremely disappointed with Riverside. It’s a horrible regression in quality. Where the previous albums and EP’s were 9/10 – 10/10 efforts, Love, Fear & The Time Machine is worthy of about 2/10. It’s like they’re on strong sedatives with nothing in particular to sing about… What the hell happened? That is the complete opposite of what Riverside is about! I don’t mind a softer album, but this album has been completely stripped of emotion, passion and, yeah… talent.

    • totally agree with you!! I don’t understand what happened…. it seems like they want to seduce college girls with their soft – non-imaginative – audaciousless music…. the opposite of what used to be riverside! hope it’s just an accident in their long and great carreer!

      • I’m totally disagree with both of you! I think it’s wonderful album! I Guess it’s all about perception, I really loved this album, an masterpiece in my opinion.

      • I totally disagree with both of you. I think it’s wonderful album! I guess it’s a matter of perception, I really loved this album, a masterpiece in my opinion.

        • Riverside once had a brilliant, unique place in the music industry. Now this band – whom I respect like my one true soul mate – has “joined the pack”.
          For Riverside fans, this placid new sound is devoid of soul, and feels like a massive kick in the balls. If you live and breathe Riverside, then this new album f**king hurts.
          New, generic-alternative fans are jumping onboard the Riverside bandwagon and irritatingly washing out the huge number of complaints from extremely disappointed fans (Try telling Taylor Swift she sucks on her message board).
          I REALLY hope this album was an experiment and not a sign of change.

          • I Still share your point of view Jubular!
            I don’t bother about bands evolving in different musical ways… as long as it is not in a commercial one (like Riverside did to my mind) but a real wish to play what they like and not what fans are waiting them to play.
            Opeth “Pale Communion” has been very criticized by fans…. I Love this album and consider it as something different from their previous stuff (that i love too). But Opeth didn’t take an easy way musically with this album, contrary to Riverside.
            What Riverside used to play was sofisticated, complex, agressive, poetic, relaxing, …. this new one is just… linear, not surprising… COMMERCIAL. If they keep on playing this king of music, i would respect their choice, but would, like many other fans, no longer buy their albums. But they would get new different ones…

    • I’m totally disagree with both of you. I think it’s wonderful album! I Guess it’s all about perception, I really loved this album, an masterpiece in my opinion.

  • Hand.Cannot.Erase is overrated Imo. Worst SW album thus far. What someone said about the new Riverside is exactly what I feel with the new Wilson project.

  • I love it when words like overrated are used like success is a dirty word.Never would have heard of Riverside or Native Construct without this end of year list.
    Very impressed with Riverside went back and streamed debut amazing they gained a new fan for life.What an awesome band thank you for the grumbling guys it’s not like modern radio will ever play this stuff.
    Damn you Simon Cowell!!
    There is a lot of fantastic prog being recorded as evidenced by this list.
    Stop bitching about successful artists and sit back enjoy all this great prog

  • ugh! I listened to the first 3 bands here….this is what is called prog rock these days? horrible. I’ll take YES anyday. This music is macho dramatic cliche-sounding production, devoid of imagination – where is the lyricism, the beauty? Strident, male warrior music – ugh!

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