Top 20 Prog Songs of 2015

A list of the best Prog songs from 2015.

Choosing the TOP 20 songs of 2015 was a difficult challenge.  It was a year with so many fantastic songs.  It was even harder to put these in an order but we did our best.  We will be releasing 4 each day this week until we get to #1.  Enjoy and let the debate begin.

#20 Scale the Summit – Stolas

Great song from a spectacular prog instrumental album.  Props go the band for their creative videos as well.


#19 – Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Coloma Blues

This is one of many great songs on the group’s Alternative Prog album ‘Motorcade Amnesiacs.’  The build up at the end is the payoff.


#18 – Lonely Robot – Boy on the Radio

We might have chosen the title track from the great Prog concept album by *Frost member John Mitchell but there was no video for that one.  Many great songs including this one.


#17 – Dave Kerzner – Nothing

This rocking track on Kerzner’s solo album brings back memories of Abacab and ELO for one of the highlights off his epic release ‘New World.’


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