Top 20 Prog Songs of 2015


A list of the best Prog songs from 2015.

#16 – Tim Bowness – Sing To Me

Beautiful song that came from a demo co-written with Steven Wilson years ago.


#15 – Leprous – The Price

Memorable riff that sticks with you for days from this Prog metal outfit.


#14 – The Tangent – Codpieces & Capes

A clever tongue-in-cheek tribute to our Prog forefathers with some authentic 70’s Prog sounds.


#13 – Big Big Train – Wassail

This throwback English Prog group teased with their EP which featured this brilliant song.  A new album is expected next year.


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  • I haven’t heard Falling for Forever yet, but Neal Morse Band’s Alive Again is the best prog epic I’ve heard from him. I like The Call, but that’s my favorite song from him of the whole catalog (again, Falling for Forever aside, since I haven’t heard it yet).

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