Top 20 Prog Songs of 2015


A list of the best Prog songs from 2015.

#4 – Native Construct – Come Hell or High Water

One of the most unique songs to come out this year from one of the best album’s of the year. This Berklee trio mixes practically every genre into one song that is filled with enthusiasm, creativity and top notch musicianship.


#3 – Steven Wilson – Three Years Older

The brilliant singer/songwriter/producer does it again with this magnificent piece from his amazing concept album, and a style more in line with his Porcupine Tree work.


#2 – Neal Morse Band – The Call

This was one of the earliest songs to come out this year and it has stuck with us ever since. The song covers so much ground and never loses momentum creating one of the finest songs of his career even without being a 30 minute epic.


#1 – Spock’s Beard – Falling For Forever

All 7 members of Spock’s Beard? 20 minutes? Dual drum solos?  Epic ending?  How can it not be #1?  Neal Morse and Nick D’Virgilio join the current lineup of Spock’s for a perfect celebration of the band and Prog.  This one lived up to the hype and then some.

1 comment

  • I haven’t heard Falling for Forever yet, but Neal Morse Band’s Alive Again is the best prog epic I’ve heard from him. I like The Call, but that’s my favorite song from him of the whole catalog (again, Falling for Forever aside, since I haven’t heard it yet).

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