Steven Wilson “Permanating” (Official Video)

New video for the single “Permanating” from the album To the Bone.

Ok everyone, here it is.  The video for the controversial new track by Steven Wilson.  The track of course is the pop song “Permanating”, a piano driven, sun-soaked pop song that extols the virtues of nostalgia as escapism. The Permanating video picks up the music’s baton and runs with it, bringing in a troupe of dancers from the Bollywood Company to create a glorious Technicolor blast of summer sun.

Steven Wilson: “I’m very proud of the video for Permanating. As soon as I wrote this song I had it in mind that Bollywood dancing would be the perfect accompaniment, such a joyous form of dance for what is probably the most joyous pop song I have ever come up with. I hope it will put a smile on your face as it does for me.”

Check out our review of the new album To the Bone here.

Permanating was directed by Andrew Morgan for Electric Light Studios.

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