Jem Godfrey of FROST* offers some details on the band’s upcoming album

Jem Godfrey of FROST* offers some details on the band’s upcoming album

UK Prog group Frost* have long been a favorite among many prog fans and this should no doubt continue to be the case with the band’s upcoming new album. Singer/keyboardist Jem Godfrey recently detailed a few things on the new album on a Facebook post. The album ‘Life in the Wires’ is expected to be an 85 minute double concept album.

Godfrey explains, “Jem here. I hope all’s good on your respective planets. I just wanted to quickly mention a couple of bits of parish news that have been happening in the village of late.

First off, and most excitingly of all, the new album is finished and already at the duplicators! It’s called Life In The Wires and it’s a double album. Any good prog band worth their tax bill ought to have a double album in the catalogue I reckon so that’s a decent blob of mauve icing on the Frost* history biscuit.

It’s about 85 minutes long and tells the tale of a lad and his journey towards a rather unusual destiny. Batteries are involved. It will be out in October so expect the rhetoric to ramp up as the summer holidays draw to a close and the weather begins to improve as it always does when we all have to go back to work. I shan’t waffle on any more about it at this point other than to say I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out and I hope you will be too. It’s a double album you know.”

More details to come soon.


  • Can;t wait until this double album is released. October seems like an awfully long time from now, but it will probably come quicker than we think.

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