Prog Report Ranking – Rush

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A look at the Top 10 Best Rush Albums.

As if the world needs another ranking of Rush albums…but we haven’t done one yet so here goes.  The definitive (maybe) Prog Report Top 10 Rush albums.

10. Fly By Night (1975) – The second album and the first one with Neil. They still sounded a bit like Zeppelin but a lot of it still holds up.


9. Power Windows (1985) – The last really great album from the 80’s before they started making albums that were a bit more commercial.


8. Farewell to Kings (1977) – The 5th album and Rush’s first US gold-selling album. Very diverse with the short “Closer to the Heart” and the epics “Xanadu” and “Cygnus X-1”.


7. Grace Under Pressure (1984) – Another step forward with synthesizers, building off of Signals


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