Prog Report Playlist – Top Genesis Albums (Collins Era)

A look at the best albums from the Phil Collins Genesis era.

2. Wind & Wuthering – This is as progressive an album as the band had done to that point with incredible tracks like “Eleventh Earl of Mar”, “One for the Vine” and “Blood on the Rooftops.”  It also has the band’s best ballad in “Afterglow.”


1. Trick of the Tail – One of the band’s best albums even including the Gabriel era.  It is a flawless Prog album from beginning to end from the opening of “Dance on a Volcano” to the instrumental “Los Endos.”  “Squonk” is one of the best as well.


  • I doubt anyone will read this, but I would place “And Then There Were Three” over “Genesis”, because they songs are much stronger than the writer gives them credit for.

    • I read this and agree. I’d actually swap Genesis and Duke as, at least as far as the article goes, I feel Duke is a stronger ‘prog’ album than ATTWT. Also, I’d swap IT and WCD as We Can’t Dance is so far on the pop side, that any elements of prog are swallowed. Here’s how I would list it:

      1. Trick of the Tail
      2. Wind & Wuthering
      3. Duke
      4. And Then There Were Three
      5. Genesis
      6. Abacab
      7. Invisible Touch
      8. We Can’t Dance

  • I’m sorry if I’m being dense and missing something, but how is “Selling England By the Pound” not on this list?

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