Prog Report Playlist – Top Genesis Albums (Collins Era)

A look at the best albums from the Phil Collins Genesis era.

5. Duke – This is the album where the band really started to get big hits with “Misunderstanding” and “Turn It On Again.”  There are some strong moments like “Duchess,” “Heathaze” and the closing “Duke’sTravels/Duke’s End.”


4. And Then There Were Three – Steve Hackett left prior to this album and perhaps that is why the songs are shorter and less experimental.  The Prog sound is still there at times but there are a lot of slower tracks that are not great.  “Down and Out” and “Deep in the Motherlode” are fantastic tracks.


3. Genesis – Not everything from the 80’s was bad.  This is not recognized as a Prog album but it is the best album from their pop days.  Tracks like “Mama” and “Just A Job To Do” have intensity and “Home By the Sea/Second Home by the Sea” is the band at it’s best during that time. Even some of the pop songs like “That’s All” still hold up today.

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