Neal Morse releases new video for “JoAnna” from new album ‘Life & Times’

Neal Morse’ new album Life & Times is out now.

Neal Morse released his latest solo album, LIFE & TIMES, today on Radiant Records via Metal Blade Records/SONY on all digital outlets, including Radiant Records’ website, as well as CD and vinyl.

The Stephen Yake/Christian Rios-directed third video from the already critically acclaimed album, “JoAnna,” premiered exclusively on The song is one of 12 slice-of-life portraits composed by MORSE, which focuses on his son dealing with the loss of a relationship.

“’JoAnna’ is a very special song to me,”
explains NEAL MORSE. “It’s one of those rare times when everything spontaneously comes together…the string arrangement, the pedal steel guitar, the drums and bass so tastefully done. It’s one of the best tracks I’ve ever recorded in my opinion. So excited this album is coming out at this time!”

Morse also released a new song recently as a response to the terrible shooting in Parkland, FL. The song called “What if it was your child?” asks every parent to consider what might happen if nothing is done to stop the awful tragedies that have affected US cities in recent years.

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