New Release Spotlight: Eric Gillette / Richard Henshall / Azure

A list of new and recently released albums we recommend.

The New Release Spotlight is a roundup of new and recently released albums.

Eric Gillette – Sensory Overload (June 17th, 2024)

Eric Gillette (Neal Morse Band guitarist) has released the new instrumental guitar album, Sensory Overload. The set is a tour de force that highlights his exceptional talent and versatility. Not short of talent on any instrument, Gillette plays all the instruments himself, delivering a diverse array of styles. The title track, “Sensory Overload,” opens the album with a blistering display of technical prowess and intricate melodies, setting the tone for the rest of the record. “Kongzilla” brings a heavy, groove-laden sound that showcases Gillette’s ability to blend intensity with precision. The 10-minute epic “Godspeed” is a dynamic journey with outstanding solos and melodies. Fans of Gillette’s work will no doubt be blown away by the varied styles and incredible performances on here. This is a fantastic collection, and to think he played it all could give you well…sensory overload.

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Tracks Listing
1. Sensory Overload
2. Alpha State
4. Godspeed
5. Modus Operandi
6. Lightwave
7. Interdimentional
8. Tesla Coil
9. That Really Hertas
10. No Place Like Home

Eric Gillette / everything


Richard Henshall – MU (June 7th, 2024)

Haken guitarist Richard Henshall has dropped the first of a trilogy of EPs titled Mu. During 2020, Henshall started work on the trilogy that explores his love for jazz-infused, intricate instrumental music. The EPs will be released throughout 2024 and include drummer Lang Zhao and saxophonist Adam Carillio. The 4 tracks are a dynamic affair that features his signature guitar style alongside jazzy riffs and tasty saxophone solos. Fans of Nova Collective will also appreciate the collection, especially the spectacular title track. Following his recent solo album, this is once again amazing music by one of today’s best songwriters.

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1.Yang 04:45
2.Granular 06:21
3.Land Aliens 04:02
4.Mu 07:33

Lang Zhao – drums
Richard Henshall – guitars, keyboards and bass
Adam Carrillo – guest saxophone on ‘Mu’ & ‘Granular’

Azure – Fym (May 23rd, 2024)

British prog band Azure release their 3rd album, the eclectic Fym. The band pack in a bunch of music into the album’s 78 minutes beginning with the uptempo opener “The Azdinist/Den of Dawns,” which features some outstanding playing and promising melodies. The schizophrenic nature of the songs, however, requires a lot of attention as they change on a dime, from one theme to the next without warning. Vocalist Chris Sampson, channeling early Geddy Lee at times, does a great job orchestrating the narrative, no more so than on the 11-minute “Sky Sailing / Beyond the Bloom / Wilt.” There are also bizarre twists like “The Lavender Fox” which is unlike anything you’ve heard lately. Meanwhile, the 16-minute penultimate track “Trench of Nalu” offers some outstanding metal moments. This is certainly a different kind of prog but might appeal to many looking for something unique.

Order here:

1.The Azdinist / Den of Dawns 06:03
2.Fym 03:20
3.Mount, Mettle, and Key 05:19
4.Sky Sailing / Beyond the Bloom / Wilt 11:07
5.Weight of the Blade 06:22
6.Kingdom of Ice and Light 06:40
7.The Lavender Fox 04:10
8.Agentic State 05:57
9.Doppelgänger 03:05
10.The Portent 06:24
11.Trench of Nalu 16:47
12.Moonrise 02:53

Chris Sampson – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Mandolin
Galen Stapley – Electric Guitar, Nylon String, Theremin
Alex Miles – Bass
Shaz D – Keyboards, Grand Piano

Andrew Scott – Drums
Adam Hayes – Bongos, Congas, Fish Guiro on tracks 1, 7, and 11
Nina Doornenstroom – Trumpets on track 3
Camille De Carvalho – Oboe D’amore, Clarinet, and Basson on tracks 4 and 6

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