Neal Morse on the new NMB album and Morsefest

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Morsefest featuring a full performance of SNOW is set for July 1/2 in Nashville

Neal Morse is always busy. He is getting ready to release the Alive Again DVD (August 5th)from tour with the Neal Morse Band from last year and is gearing up for the upcoming Morsefest, which will occur July 1st & 2nd in Nashville. The big event that weekend will be the performance of the Spock’s Beard classic album SNOW with all the past and present members of Spock’s Beard. Neal says rehearsals will be getting underway soon.

“I’m rehearsing on my own, not in earnest. I will really get into it when I get back from vacation, then I’m planning to spend basically from then up to July 1 getting ready for Snow. The last time I did any serious chunk of Snow was with the Dutch band in 2008. We did Solitary Soul to the end of Disc 1. I’m going on vacation with my family. I’m gonna put it on my phone and walk and listen to it. Listening is some of the best practice that I do. “

The follow up album to Neal Morse Band album, ‘The Grand Experiment’ is also being worked on at the moment and is planned for release later this year. Mike Portnoy recently posted on social media that this is the best album of his career. Neal says he is just busy at work on the album.

“The new album is coming along great. I was just tracking some vocals and piano and I’m kind of buzzing from it. All our parts are coming together, we’ve got strings coming on, starting to bring all the elements in. I’m so in it that I’m barely putting up a periscope to pay attention to what’s going on outside. But I agree with him. I’m enjoying working on it so much. My prayer is that people will enjoy listening to it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. “


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