Neal Morse shares new track “Already There” from new singer-songwriter album ‘Late Bloomer’

Neal Morse shares new track “Already There” from new singer-songwriter album ‘Late Bloomer’

Celebrated musician Neal Morse unveils his latest solo endeavor, “Late Bloomer,” a soulful collection of singer-songwriter gems poised to captivate listeners worldwide. Known for his dynamic contributions to progressive rock, Morse explores new sonic territories with this deeply personal offering, slated for release on Fri May 17th, 2024.

“In between all of the other projects I’ve been working on, writing songs has been part of my life, pretty much every day,” Morse shares. “It’s an unpredictable process … sometimes I’m just inspired by what I see, or by my family, or the news… and sometimes melodies and words just appear!”

You can hear the opening track and first single “Already There” here:

Recorded primarily at his home studio, Morse took the reins, crafting the album’s musical landscape virtually single-handedly. While Amy Pippin and Julie Harrison provided backing vocals and Chris Carmichael contributed strings, “Late Bloomer” is a testament to Morse’s creative vision and versatility.

The album’s genesis traces back to late 2023 when Morse found himself on a creative spree, birthing a flurry of “singer-songwriter” compositions. Following a rousing reception to the songs debuted at Morsefest in London in early 2024, Morse was spurred to finalize the project for eager fans.

“The songs cover a whole range of styles,” Morse explains. “From the bluesy, soulful vibe of ‘Already There’ to the autobiographical narratives woven into tracks like ‘Late Bloomer’ and ‘Chloe’s Song,’ each composition offers a glimpse into my personal journey.”

With the album artwork meticulously crafted by Levi Pippin, Morse embraces a grassroots approach to bring “Late Bloomer” directly to his audience through Waterfall, ensuring swift accessibility to his loyal fanbase.

As Morse prepares for upcoming solo concerts and church services, he eagerly anticipates sharing “Late Bloomer” with the world, inviting listeners to join him on this introspective musical odyssey.

“Let me know what you think and which songs stand out for you via social media!” Morse encourages, inviting fans to engage with him directly.

“Late Bloomer” will initially be exclusively available on the waterfall streaming network – on Friday May 17th, 2024. Stay tuned for updates on physical CD/vinyl releases in the near future.

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