Concert Review: Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited – Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 23rd, 2022

Review of the Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 23rd, 2022

One of many tours forced to postpone during the past two years of the pandemic was Steve Hackett’s brilliant Genesis Revisited tour.  Having originally planned to appear at The Parker in Ft Lauderdale two years ago, the legendary guitar icon and Hall of Fame member of Genesis was finally back to a sold out crowd. Over the past couple of years Hackett has performed full albums on tour whether it was Selling England by the Pound, or the classic love album Seconds Out.  To make up for the missed dates, the audience was treated to full performances of both albums, and what a treat it was.

The set opened with “Squonk” kicking off the first half of the Seconds Out double album.  The sound of the bass pedals and pounding drums next to the wondrous guitars and opening flute refrain were an overwhelming way to start the show.  Long time vocalist Nad Sylvan was incredible and has fully embraced the role as the perfect voice to channel both Gabriel and Collins era material with his own unique flair.  Classic song after classic song came next from “The Carpet Crawlers”, “Robbery, Assault & Battery” to “Afterglow” and Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”.  This led to the ending portion of “The Musical Box” before diving into the epic track “Supper’s Ready,” one of the all-time great songs.  This extended version with Hackett shredding for what seems like hours at the end is something to behold.  There was an intermission to follow, but it could’ve ended there and the audience would have been satisfied.

The band returned to perform the entire Selling England by the Pound album, beginning with “Dancing with the Moonlit Knight”.  The two highlights of this set were no doubt “Firth of Fifth” and “The Cinema Show”, both getting standing ovations that went on forever.  Bassist/guitarist Jonas Reingold was brilliant throughout, providing any extra guitars when needed, often playing a double neck bass/guitar.  Meanwhile, keyboardist Roger King, and Rob Townsend, playing anything from flute to sax to percussion, made each song sound like it was the album itself.

For the encore, the group came out with “Dance on the Volcano” leading into a brief drum solo from Craig Blundell, who was spectacular throughout the show.  They then closed with the instrumental “Los Endos”.  It ended what was a brilliant night of some of the greatest music ever created.  I’ve seen this show many times and I’ve always left in awe and appreciation.  I would gladly see this show every year forever.  If you’re a fan of Genesis, this is not a show to miss.


  • I couldn’t have said it any better. I saw the show the previous night in Clearwater and it was probably the best concert I’ve seen in my life. We’ll done Steve Hackett and your Band!

  • I attended the Cincinnati show at the Taft Theater…the best ” church service” I’ve ever attended!!! Thanks to Steve and the band for giving us this,still sooo relavant, set of music!!! A MUST for not only Genesis fans, but the World, in general!

  • Great show in Clearwater the night before (where do they get their energy?)

  • Saw Steve’s band for the first time about a month ago in NJ. The most exhilarating show I’ve seen in many many years!

  • Too bad that the 1st portion of the original set was left off. It had started with Clocks in earlier shows, followed by Hackett compositions that were not all Genesis. I’ve seen him tons & indeed loved every minute, but his individual work is also outstanding & would have been better for the show than following “full album” playlists. Here’s what we missed:

    First Set
    Clocks – The Angel of Mons
    Held in the Shadows
    Every Day
    The Devil’s Cathedral
    Shadow of the Hierophant

    I would have much rather he played these songs than “Robbery, Assault & Battery” & others….

    • This was the set he played in Seattle, the last stop on the North American tour. It really made the show a Steve Hackett performance, than just a Genesis reboot.

    • The concert was about the Genesis-era compositions that Steve Hackett was part of. I, too, would have loved to hear A Tower Struck Down, for example, but I would have been at the wrong concert tour.

  • I attended one of the last concerts in America before Covid cancelled the tour. I am looking forward to his show tomorrow. Steve was an unappreciated piece in the Genesis sound. I would have chosen his show tomorrow over seeing Tony, Phil, and Mike’s farewell performance.

  • I saw the show at the Plaza Live in Orlando on 4/20, it was nothing short of Magical and understated elegance and beauty.

  • Saw them In Cleveland last night. The Goodyear Theater here has a top notch sound system so the band has never sounded cleaner. If 40-45 year old music can still bring tears of musical joy, something on stage is truly magical.

  • Saw them in Orlando, FL, drove all the way from Miami and it was worth every single round trip mile. SPECTACULAR!!

  • Saw them a n Orlando, drove all the way from Miami and it was worth every single round trip mile. SPECTACULAR!!

  • Going to the show tonight in LA, hoping they’re still performing both albums at this point. Cannot wait!

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