Steven Wilson on chances of a new Porcupine Tree album

Steven Wilson Press 72

Steven Wilson opens up about his thoughts on Porcupine Tree.

In the Feb 2016 issue of Prog Magazine, Steven Wilson opened up about his thoughts on Porcupine Tree and seems to have changed his tune a little as he sounds more open to working with the group than he has in recent interviews.  Wilson says, “If I’m honest, I’d say that if there was a new Porcupine Tree album, it would be a side project for me now.  There’s no way I would go back to the band as my full-time job.  But having said that, I think there’s a strong possibility, a strong argument, that Porcupine Tree could do a new record, in our own time and for fun, and maybe do some shows too.”

He concludes, “I’m basically doing exactly what the f— I want and I have an audience that seem to go with me, and it’s still growing. But do I think it would be lovely for the fans for us to do something at some point? Yes.”

Wilson just released the EP ‘4 1/2’ which is a collection of songs left over from his last 2 albums plus a new take on a Porcupine Tree classic.  You can read our review of the album here.

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