Prog Report Ranking – Dream Theater Albums

Ranking of the best Dream Theater albums from Images and Words to The Astonishing

The ranking of Dream Theater albums…a timeless debate. We have decided to update The Prog Report’s ranking of Dream Theater to add their recent album ‘The Astonishing’. We did leave off When Dream and Day Unite (no Labrie) and Change of Seasons (only 1 song really). All of the band’s albums are great, but we had to start somewhere. So here goes…

12- Systematic Chaos (2007)

This album is a tough one to figure out. There are some killer riffs and it is pretty heavy but there are a lot of weird parts and sections that sounded forced. It is still better than your average band and has some memorable songs, but we had to put one album on the bottom of the list.

11- Falling Into Infinity (1997)

Again, the band falls victim to trying to appease two sides of their audience: the die-hard Prog Metal core and the those that are not as die-hard but might be open to shorter, simpler songs. To be fair, there are a few good tracks on here like Trial of Tears and New Millennium and even Hollow Years is one of their better ballads.


10- Octavarium (2005)

How the band’s albums fall in order can have a lot to do with how many of the songs remain listenable after many years. There are some amazing, epic tracks on here like Root of All Evil, Panic Attack and Sacrificed Sons, but more than a few that are not their strongest efforts.


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