Prog! Not Prog! – Favorite non-prog songs of 2021

Favorite non-prog songs of 2021

On the first episode of a new podcast series, Roie Avin and Kyle Fagala feature some of their favorite non-prog songs from 2021 that prog fans should know.

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The Prog Report Best Prog Songs of 2021



  • Really enjoyed this episde! It’s a great idea.

    I like the Coldplay album a lot. Picked up the Killers album as well and love the first couple of tracks, but it’s a bit of a slog to get through the whole thing.

    A couple of ‘prog not prog’ appropriate albums that came out last year you guys didn’t talk about:

    St. Vincent – Daddy’s Home – St. Vincent is one of those quintessential ‘prog-adjacent’ artists. She’s worked with David Byrne, and regularly gets compared to folks like David Bowie, Kate Bush, and Peter Gabriel. Her music isn’t prog, but she brings ambition, attention to detail, and musicianship to her music that puts her right alongside some of the prog greats. Daddy’s Home is a bit of a 70s rock pastiche and it’s consistently excellent.

    The new Mogwai album, The Love Continues, was also excellent. They’re another band that’s definitely prog-adjacent – King Crimson (in particular the Larks Tongues in Aspic) is an obvious influence on Mogwai’s sound.

    Finally, the new Sufjan Stevens & Angelo D’Augustine album, A Beginners Mind, is fantastic. It’s not prog adjacent (though some of Sufjan’s more grandiose projects, like Illinois, Michigan, and Age of Adz, DEFINITELY are). It’s an album of gentle acoustic folk songs with gorgeous harmonies. The conceit of the album – Stevens and D’Augustine took a trip to a cabin in upstate New York, watched a bunch of VHS tapes of old movies, and wrote a dozen songs about them – is also tonnes of fun.

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