Prog Report Ranking – Neal Morse Albums

We look at Neal Morse’s solo/band prog albums and rank them.

Neal Morse recently released his new solo album Life & Times, a collection of singer/songwriter tracks that are a far cry from his prog rock proficiency. While Morse is currently on tour supporting his new album, we thought we would make a list of his prog solo/band albums and rank them. Tell us what you think.


9. Lifeline (2008) – Neal Morse followed up a series of concept albums with this collection of songs, a combination of a few prog outings, a couple of ballads, and one long epic with “So Many Roads.” A solid album by any measure but perhaps not as strong as the rest of his discography.


8. Momentum (2012)
– This album of non-conceptual songs found Morse in a more uplifting mood with songs like the rocking title track, the tongue in cheek “Freak” and the powerful closer “A World Without End.” The tour for the album marked the beginning of Eric Gillette and Bill Hubauer’s involvement with Morse, and eventually led to the Neal Morse Band.


7. Testimony (2003) – Morse’s first solo outing following his leaving Spock’s Beard was autobiographical, exploring his religious discovery. It was also the first time Portnoy joined in one of his solo albums. The album runs 2 discs, with some great moments, but he was just getting started on this solo career.


6. The Grand Experiment (2015) – The first album as the full Neal Morse Band injected new life into Morse’s solo career with great songs like “Waterfall,” “Alive Again,” and the brilliant “The Call,” one of his best songs to date.


5. “?” (2005) – This concise and shorter concept album finds Morse, Portnoy, and George really hitting on all strides. The album was building off of what the trio had built after the ‘One’ album with plenty of bombast and emotion.

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