Prog Report Playlist – Top 10 Queensrÿche Songs


A look at the best Queensrÿche songs from the past 30 years.

“Anybody Listening?” While Empire had more hits, this is the one that most fans feel is the best song that should have been a hit.  It is also the album’s most elaborate and progressive song.


“Real World” An often forgotten song since it is from a soundtrack to a bad movie, but the orchestral sections combined with Tate’s vocals, make this one of their best.  They were showing they were more than your average metal band.


“I Am I”  Geoff Tate started to take more risks again with the Promised Land album and this lead track was a perfect example.  The band went full Progressive rock on this one with very few hard rock or metal songs on the album.


“Right Side of My Mind” From the Q2K album, this was one of the band’s few great Prog rock tracks during a period where the band struggled to find a cohesive sound.  This song was one that could have fit nicely on albums like Empire or Mindcrime.


“In This Light” The band returned in 2013 with new singer, Todd La Torre and claimed their classic Prog metal sound with this self-titled album.  This track is reminiscent of tracks like “Another Rainy Night” and provided fans with hope for the future of the band.

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  • Nice List. It’d be hard for me to do a list like this for this band. I think some notables from later stuff would be spOOL, right side of my mind, the hands, hit the black….I liked American Solider, but after that, I kind of act like nothing ever happened. I know people like the new stuff with Todd, but I just can’t…

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