Portnoy says new Neal Morse Band album could be top 3 of his career

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Neal Morse Band complete initial sessions for new album.

Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Eric Gillette, Bill Hubauer and Randy George have been hard at work on the following up to 2015’s The Grand Experiment over the last 2 weeks in Nashville.  The album is slated for a Sept/Oct release. Very few reports have risen from the sessions other than these very bold words that came from Mike at the end of the sessions:

“NMB Album Update (and some bold words from yours truly…):

This selfie was snapped at the end of last night’s session where we listened to playback of the entire new Neal Morse Band album from start to finish (only my drum tracks are finished so far)…
WOW! I am absolutely speechless….

As much as I initially fought against the idea (for very obvious reasons), it has grown into a double concept album….

I usually never say this about new albums I make, but I honestly feel this album is an absolutely masterpiece…and probably in the top 3 of the most defining albums of my entire career (along with DT’s Scenes From A Memory and TA’s The Whirlwind)

I’ll just say this: If you think you’ve heard the Prog Album of 2016, you ain’t heard NUTHIN YET!!!! Wait til you get a load of this…?
(the album is slated for release approx Sept/Oct…more news coming soon!!)”

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essential modern progressive rock album


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