Jon Anderson on recording the track “Invention”

jon anderson

Jon Anderson talks about the making of the new album “Invention of Knowledge”

The new album “Invention of Knowledge” is due out July 8th in the US.

One of the more exciting albums to come out this year is the joining of two musical geniuses, Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt. The album, ‘Invention of Knowledge’ due out in the US, July 8th, has already received incredible reviews (see our review here). The first audio clip to come out is from the opening track “Invention”. In a recent audio interview, Jon talked about how that first track came together.

“Basically I had a collection of songs I always wanted to make an album out of and over the years. I’d been working on so many songs, certain ones that stand together very well. I sent Roine the songs already with the music already there, and the lyrics and the melody.  He realized very instantly how to do all the music his way, keep the song intact, but do the music his way and that was the greeting of two musicians. He would send me a demo of the idea and I just said ‘perfect’. Whereas, the first piece of music, “Invention”, the idea when I first recorded that was with a string section, very sort of John Adams, rhythmic strings, cellos, and it was this music that was sent to me by a guy in Liverpool called Neal Campbell. We became friends and I wrote a lot of music with him and this was one of the pieces. So I sent Roine the piece of me singing with the string section. When he started creating the music it was totally a different way of looking at the idea, and because I trusted his musical judgment, it worked for me right away. That’s what we did with almost all the songs. He got the demo of an idea and he rejuvenated the music within that. It was the music that was in between the songs that captivated me because it gave me the chance to add more song lyrical, vocalizing ideas. So it was this wonderful to and fro of MP3s.”


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