In Continuum – ‘Acceleration Theory Part Two: Annihilation’ (Album Review)

Review of the new In Continuum album Acceleration Theory Part Two: Annihilation.

With what has been an already incredibly full year of exceptional releases comes one more from prog collective In Continuum.  The album, ‘Acceleration Theory Part Two: Annihilation’ is the follow up to the group’s debut ‘Acceleration Theory Part One: AlienA’ which was just released in January of this year. Both are cinematic Prog rock concept albums dealing with alien visitation in the future and the fate of mankind. The new album finds the group’s leader, Dave Kerzner, joined again by his former Sound of Contact-mates Matt Dorsey and Randy McStine, along with vocalist Gabriel Agudo, drummers Nick D’Virgilio and Marco Minnemann (of Big Big Train and The Aristocrats respectively) and special guests Michael Sadler (Saga), Jon Davison (Yes), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner Band), Leticia Wolf (The Dead Deads) and more. The album was mixed and produced by Dave Kerzner and features songs written mainly by Kerzner with a variety of tracks co-written with Simon Collins, Kelly Nordstrom and Matt Dorsey from Sound of Contact.

As with most concept albums, there are some repeated themes and elements from the first album, some explored in new ways and reimagined, bridging both albums together, such as the track “AlienA Pt.2”.  The performances are once again solid, particularly in the drumming department with some standout moments.

This album has fewer stand alone tracks, but they are ones that certainly work and makes this worth checking out.  The main lead track “You Don’t Know How it Feels” has a great memorable chorus and reestablishes the story. “The Path” finds Dave Kerzner channeling his inner David Gilmour with a powerhouse performance.  A few of the next tracks are shorter and act as interludes or call-backs to the first album, before we reach the excellent “Know That You Are” which is highlighted by a brilliant synth solo towards the end.

The highlight of the album has to be the 20 minute title track, which is a perfect encapsulation of both albums with all the drama, intensity, and progginess this Sci-Fi concept deserves. Again, Kerzner’s exceptional playing alongside the powerful drumming by Marco Minnemann is what really stands out.  This is a very ambitious track and the band expertly pull it off.

For fans of Part 1, you will want to check this out.  If you have not heard part 1 yet, this album might sound less complete, so check out part 1 first and then dive into this one.   To pull off two albums of this kind of epic prog in one year is certainly something that should be applauded.  Let’s see what this group has in store next.

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Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Impending Annihilation (2:52)
2. You Don’t Know How it Feels (6:05)
3. The Path (4:02)
4. In Her Cocoon (1:32)
5. AlienA Pt.2 (2:22)
6. Vampires of the Soul (4:25)
7. Made of Stars (2:58)
8. Know That You Are (8:31)
9. The War Room (1:50)
10. All That Is (3:35)
11. Annihilation (20:48)
12. Interstellar Reunion (4:36)

Total Time: 64:36

Line-up / Musicians
– Gabriel Agudo / vocals
– Randy McStine / guitar
– Dave Kerzner / keyboards, vocals, production & mixing
– Matt Dorsey / bass, guitar
– Marco Minnemann / drums

– Leticia Wolf / lead vocals
– Jon Davison / lead vocals (7,10)
– Michael Sadler / lead vocals (2)
– John Wesley / guitar
– Fernando Perdomo / guitar, bass, drums
– Nick D’Virgilio / drums
– Ruti Celli / cello
– Kaitlin Wolfberg / violin
– Joe Deninzon / violin

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