David Longdon announces plans for companion album to ‘Folklore’


Big Big Train frontman reveals plans for what is to next for the band.

In a recent interview with David Longdon, the Big Big Train frontman revealed plans for what is to come now that the band have released their highly-acclaimed album Folklore.  The album has received praise from numerous sources including our site (read the review here) as well as a nomination for Album of the Year at the Prog Awards.  Longdon had this to say about their plans.

“What’s next for us is we are looking to secure a venue in which we will do live shows next year and we are working on a companion album to Folklore gonna be released probably about next April. It was gonna be an EP but we’ve got so much stuff that we are writing for this album. It is going to be an album, not an EP.  It’s like a companion to Folklore, it’s not the next Big Big Train album.  It’s unfinished business that we liked and that we’d like to get out there.  We are very busy at the moment.” 

***update: Bassist Greg Spawton added on Facebook: “when it was originally planned to be an EP, we had a working title of Skylon. Now it is an album we have decided to call it Grimspound. It will be at least 60 minutes of music, possibly longer, so calling it an EP was stretching the definition.”

Check out the full audio interview here: https://progreport.com/david-longdon-big-big-train-interview/

For more information on Big Big Train visit: https://www.facebook.com/bigbigtrain/



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