Top 10 Prog Albums of 2014


The Prog Report list of the Top 10 Prog Albums of 2014

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1 Transatlantic -Kaleidoscope– Perfect album by the Prog masters. Features all-time Prog epics including “Into the Blue” and great shorter songs as well.


2 Flying Colors -Second Nature – Their second album features more Prog moments combining the best of their debut and of what these stellar musicians do best, while covering a lot of musical ground.


3 Haken -Restoration EP – Haken build of their epic “The Mountain” and have us all anticipating their next album.  For a 3 song EP to be this high must say something.  It’s that good.


4 Opeth – Pale Communion – Opeth continue down the path of their last album but take the songwriting up a notch.


5 Anathema -Distant Satellites – Cinematic and epic at every turn while still accessible.


6 Enchant -The Great Divide – The band return after 10 years with one of their best albums to date.


7 Umphrey’s McGee – Similiar Skin – The band make a full on Prog album with some older songs previously only played live, along with some newer ones.


8 Animals as Leaders – The Joy of Motion – Instrumental guitar shred taken to another level with great catchy songs too.


9 The Mercury Tree – Countenance – Relatively unknown but amazing Prog chops with alternative influences.


10 Gazpacho – Demon – Brilliant and dark concept album.  Hard to stop listening once you start.



  • i did not know al of these bands/albums, but I’m checking them out now! Restoration was the absolute number one for me this year, I did not like the latest releases from Opeth, Flying Colors and Anathema actually.

  • The Anathema track really reminds me of the last Karnivool album which can only be a good thing!

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