The Tangent (For One) share single “The Fine Line,” from new album ‘To Follow Polaris’ out now

The Tangent (For One) share single “The Fine Line,” from new album ‘To Follow Polaris’ out now

The Tangent are pleased to release the new album ‘To Follow Polaris’, and to celebrate a video for the track ‘The Fine Line’ has been launched. Watch the video now here:

Andy Tillison comments of the new album release: “Making ‘To Follow Polaris’ alone has been one of life’s greatest adventures. However alone it may have been though, a lot of people believed in it enough to make it happen: everyone at my record company InsideOut and their publicity departments, everyone in the full lineup of the band who supported me doing it this way and the fans who helped me finance this thing before it was even signed. It has been a massive learning experience. I hope to have created here an album that belongs in this strange and fraught period of time but with a positive eye on the future. Part of making the future better will always be knowing what must be overcome. That’s what this record is about.”

Andy Tillison (The Tangent) Interview – To Follow Polaris

In a year when members of The Tangent could be seen onstage all over the world with Steve Hackett, Soft Machine, Karnataka, David Cross, It Bites, Cyan and others, plus on recordings by those artists and The Anchoret, The Michael Dunn Project, Argos and Retreat From Moscow, it became clear that there was not going to be time to get together for anything more than one gig in April 2023. So the band agreed that the band’s leader/main writer Andy Tillison would keep the material coming and would make an album by The Tangent entirely alone. It would still be The Tangent. Just for one.

Order now here:
1. The North Sky 11:36
2. A ‘Like’ In The Darkness 08:19
3. The Fine Line 08:04
4. The Anachronism 21:01
5. The Single (From A Re-Opened Time Capsule) 05:51
6. The North Sky (Radio Edit) 03:42
7. Tea At Bettys (Bonus Track) 17:32

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