The Song That Changed My Life – Neal Morse

Neal Morse talks about the song and concert that changed his life.

Prog icon Neal Morse on the music that changed his life and the concert that did as well. (Taken from a 2015 interview with The Prog Report)

“A lot of songs changed my life.  I’ve been shaped my music all along.  I guess if I had to pick one, I’d pick Heart of the Sunrise, in reverence to our dear departed Chris Squire.  Heart of the Sunrise was a big, big life changer for me.”

Neal goes on to explain the first time he saw Yes in concert.  “I saw them open for Black Sabbath when Fragile had just come out and that was my moment.  That was my big ‘Woah!’  I didnt know this was possible.  I didn’t know you could have classical music side by side like that with pop and rock music and everything else.  Then the next year I saw them on the Close to the Edge tour.  That was right after Bruford, so I got to see them with Bruford the very first time.”

His current release ‘Jesus Christ – The Exorcist’ is out now. Read our review of the album here.

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