Spock’s Beard’s 4th album Day For Night released 18 years ago

Day For Night was released on March 23rd, 1999.

For Spock’s Beard’s 4th album, the group decided to make some headway commercially with an album of a few long songs and more short songs than on previous albums. The long 21 minute epic “The Healing Colors of Sound” was also broken up into 7 tracks on the cd.  The band would release the track “Skin” as a single.

While not ranked alongside V and Snow as one of their best albums, there are a number of great songs on the collection including the title track, “Crack the Big Sky” and “The Healing Colors of Sound”.

Bassist Dave Meros talked about Day For Night with The Prog Report, “After Beware Of Darkness there was a feeling that we should try to crossover into the rock market a little more, so Kindness Of Strangers did that to a degree, and then Day For Night did it even more so. Day For Night got a little blowback from the hard line proggers for being “too pop”, but we thought Day For Night was an excellent record, and Day For Night was also the album where we first started touring in Europe and there was a lot of excitement there, so it wasn’t all bad news.”

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