SiriusXM radio host Eddie Trunk talks about the need for a Prog Station on his show

Eddie Trunk is the host of SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation

Eddie Trunk, host of SiriusXM/s Trunk Nation, is known for being one of the most important voices in rock music on the radio, with a career more than 30 years in the business.  Prog rock fans will know him from broadcasting on the last couple of Cruise to the Edge trips.  He has long claimed to not know much about the prog scene or be a big fan, but that has not kept him from realizing the potential in this fanatical audience.  On his show on May 17th, while broadcasting from a Def Leppard tour rehearsal, Trunk spoke about the need for a prog outlet on radio and SiriusXM.

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You can read what he said here or listen to the audio below.

Trunk says: “It would be great if this service, if Sirius XM dedicated a channel to new music from classic artists. I mean there’s two voids that I see for passionate rock fans that have literally no outlet on Radio. 1- New music from classic artists and I play it and work it in on the weekly show here I do on Mondays over on Hair Nation, I always do. And the other is Prog. I am not a huge fan of Prog OK, but I understand that there is a huge fanatical fanbase for progressive rock music. There is literally nowhere for it to be played on the radio. There’s young bands, older bands, there’s all kinds of bands in Prog. There is no outlet for it. So to me if I’m running Sirius XM music divisions, I would seriously look at having channels dedicated to those two things because there are passionate people there that want to hear that stuff and there is no outlet for it in terrestrial or satellite for that matter and it’s important.”

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