Prog Report Playlist – Top Trevor Rabin-era Yes Songs

A look at the best of the Trevor Rabin era of Yes

5. Hearts (From 90125) – The closing epic number from 90125, “Hearts” always felt like a track the classic lineup could have recorded. It is one of Jon’s most beautiful lyrics and performances.


4. Endless Dream (From Talk) – The highlight track from Talk was a long, old-school Prog epic by this lineup, which had not really done a song like this before. There are some great performances by each band member, even Alan White really shines here.


3. It Can Happen (From 90125) – Another underrated track, but one of the best from the period. The middle breakdown is glorious and there are a few nice changes that you don’t normally get in a 5 minute Pop song. It is a perfect Prog-pop song.


2. Lift Me Up (From Union) – This is the quintessential Trevor Rabin song. He sings lead through most of it and the heavy, over-produced drums and guitars were really a trademark for him as was the arpeggiated, clean guitar sound that is also featured in the verses. The chorus is one of his best and there are some great intricate parts added for fun. You can hear this one on the ARW tour as it was added after the first show.


1. Changes (From 90125) – Not a hit, but probably most Yes fans’ favorite song from this era. It features some odd-time signature moments, dual vocals, a great middle section and addictive chorus. The climactic ending is a perfect way to close out this track. It was added to the ARW setlist a few shows after the tour began.

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