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5 songs Rush should play live on their upcoming tour.

Here we tried to put a list together of songs that Rush should play on their upcoming tour that they either have never played or at least haven’t in a long time.  To their credit, Rush do go pretty deep into the catalog for most tours and they have so many incredible songs, this was a real challenge.  We took some recommendations and compiled our list.  Yes, we know we might have missed some songs.  These are just 5.  As far as when it was last played live, this is to our best knowledge and through research so if it is incorrect, oh well 🙂

Let us know what you like, don’t like and if you have any ideas for future playlists.

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Jacob’s Ladder – Taken from Permanent Waves, this song has not been performed live since 1981.


Kid Gloves – Taken from Grace Under Pressure, it has not been performed since 1984.


Available Light – Taken from Presto, it doesn’t seem that it has been performed live before.


Virtuality – Taken from Test For Echo, last performed in 1996.


Fly By Night – From the classic Fly By Night album, has not been performed since 1978!


  • We are due for Xanadu… but I’m always hoping for a Chemistry, Losing It, or Countdown!

  • Hearing Fly By Night live would be an incredible moment, but Geddy’s voice can’t handle most of the material from this era, and it wouldn’t sound right tuned down an octave (or even 2 as would probably be necessary) as they have done with many songs.

  • Well, you got “Jacob’s Ladder”! “Available Light” would have been amazing. And it’s not on here, but I was really hoping for “Driven” and “Witch Hunt”. Still…the sets have been more than we could ever hope for. Thanks Rush!

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