PODCAST: Prog A-Z – Episode B

New podcast that covers notable artists, albums, songs, and other important things about prog around one letter of the alphabet.

Our new series that goes letter by letter to talk about notable artists, albums, songs, and other important things about prog. In this episode Geoff Bailie and Roie Avin tackle the letter B.

What would you pick to represent the letter B in prog?

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  • Here are some B’s artists you might’ve missed:

    Banco del Mutuo Soccorso
    Tony Banks
    Martin Barre
    The Beach Boys
    The Beatles
    Jeff Beck
    Jason Becker
    Clément Belio
    Bent Knee
    Between the Buried and Me
    Beyond the Bridge
    Biffy Clyro
    Blotted Science
    Blue Öyster Cult –
    Tomas Bodin
    Tommy Bolin
    Marc Bonilla
    David Bowie
    Bozzio Levin Stevens
    Brand X
    Breaking Orbit
    British Theatre
    Dec Burke
    Kate Bush

  • Really enjoyed this podcast, but you overlooked three important people when discussing bassists!

    Mariusz Duda of Riverside is a phenomenal technical player and a great songwriter and singer as well, and his ability to play obscenely complex music on the bass while singing something totally different is just wild – I still don’t know how he plays Second Life Syndrome live.

    Ray Schulman of Gentle Giant is an incredibly creative player, and while he mostly sang backup in GG, also had the ability to sing wildly different parts from what he was playing on bass, and along with brother Derek and Kerry Minear, was one of the primary songwriters in the band.

    Finally, Dave Pegg of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention is often overlooked but is a fantastic player – the longest-tenured bassist in Tull and bandleader of Fairport from the 80s onward, he’s a great all-around musician and an exceptional bassist.

    • Yes totally right. They are great. And I’m sure we forgot more as well. But thanks for listening and mentioning these guys.

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