New Release Spotlight: Airbag / Long Distance Calling / Subsignal

New releases we recommend from Airbag, Long Distance Calling, Subsignal

The New Release Spotlight is a roundup of new and recently released albums.

Airbag – A Day at the Beach (June 19th, 2020)

The 5th album by Norway’s Airbag, A Day at the Beach, continues the group’s penchant for atmospheric prog, in the line of groups like Pink Floyd, and early Porcupine Tree.  However, in this new collection, there is the noticeable addition of more electronics in the musical landscape. The songs are lengthy and develop patiently, but the payoff if worth it as  the trio of Guitarist Bjorn Riis, vocalist Asle Tostrup, and guitarist and Henrik Fossum turn in another worthy performance. Fans of the band will find much to enjoy here, highlighted by the solid opening track “Machines and Men”, one of the band’s most captivating songs in their catalog.

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1. Machines And Men (10:48)
2. A Day At The Beach [Part 1] (3:55)
3. Into The Unknown (10:27)
4. Sunsets (8:16)
5. A Day At The Beach [Part 2] (5:33)
6. Megalomaniac (9:50)

Asle Tostrup / lead vocals, keyboards, programming
Bjørn Riis / guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Henrik Fossum / drums
Kristian Karl Hultgren / bass


Long Distance Calling – How Do We Want To Live? (June 26th, 2020)

Germany’s most popular instrumental band release their most provocative album with their 7th release, ‘How Do We Want To Live?’.  Tackling themes such as man’s feelings of isolation, relationship with artificial intelligence and more, the group create a stunning landscape of sounds, fusing guitar rock and electronica into their own unique blend.  While the group are signed to progressive rock label InsideOut, they do not resort to 100 notes a minute, but rather add riffs upon riffs, allowing each song to build momentum and energy.  Highlights are the hard-hitting single “Hazard” and the brooding “Voices”. For a taste of something different, this is worth checking out.

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1. Curiosity (Part 1) (2:56)
2. Curiosity (Part 2) (4:26)
3. Hazard (6:08)
4. Voices (7:54)
5. Fail / Opportunity (3:07)
6. Immunity (5:40)
7. Sharing Thoughts (7:25)
8. Beyond Your Limits (6:24)
9. True / Negative (2:33)
10. Ashes (6:12)

Janosch Rathmer / Drums
Florian Füntmann / Guitars
Jan Hoffmann / Bass
David Jordan / Guitars


Subsignal – A Song for the Homeless: Live in Rüsselsheim 2019 (April 24th, 2020)

Off the success of their brilliant 2018 release La Muerta, Subsignal release the live set ‘A Song for the Homeless: Live in Rüsselsheim 2019’. While the group are largely an undiscovered gem in the US, they do have a loyal following in Europe and this set exemplifies why.  Pulling largely from their recent release, songs like “The Bells of Lyonesse”, “The Passage” and ” La Meurta” shine.  The album sounds great and is a perfect introduction for those not familiar with the group.

1. Touchstones (7:59)
2. Ashes of Summer (5:36)
3. The Bells of Lyonesse (5:05)
4. The Sea (7:07)
5. Walking with Ghosts (7:48)
6. Even Though the Stars Don’t Shine (4:59)
7. The Passage / Drum Solo (10:21)
8. La Muerta (6:05)
9. My Sanctuary (5:28)
10. Time & Again (1:10)
11. Paraíso (4:51)
12. Paradigm (7:18)

Arno Menses / vocals
Markus Steffen / guitar
Markus Maichel / keyboards
Ralf Schwager / bass
Dirk Brand / drums

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