New Anderson/Stolt track “Invention” released

New track from Anderson/Stolt – “Invention”

The highly anticipated release from Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt is getting closer to being released (June 24th in Europe/ July 8th in US) and finally the first track has been made available for streaming.  “Invention” is the album’s opening number.  While this is an edited version of the much longer track, it still is highly impressive and should please all Yes fans.

You can also hear our interview with Jon Anderson on the new album here.

You can check out the track listing for the album below and order your copy of the album here.

Anderson/Stolt, ‘Invention of Knowledge’ Track Listing
Invention of Knowledge
1. “Invention” (09:41)
2. “We Are Truth” (06:41)
3. “Knowledge” (06:30)

4. “Knowing” (10:31)
5. “Chase and Harmony” (07:17)

Everbody Heals
6. “Everybody Heals” (07:36)
7. “Better by Far” (02:03)
8. “Golden Light” (03:30)

9. “Know…”  (11:13)


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