New album from Jordan Rudess and Steve Horelick announced

InterSonic, by JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater) and synth-wiz, STEVE HORELICK out Nov 14th, 2017

The beautiful and haunting NEW CD, interSonic, by JORDAN RUDESS (Dream Theater) and synth-wiz, STEVE HORELICK, features 11 tracks + a download card which includes 3 bonus tracks exclusive to the CD. The new album will be out Nov 14th. 2017

As Jordan and Steve describe interSonic: “When we assemble our collection of electronic and acoustic instruments, we’re setting up our sonic canvas. Will the music be tonal or textural? Who knows? A wonderful, initial state of uncertainty fills the air…Keys are pressed. We listen. Knobs are turned. We respond. Touchplates are activated and music begins to flow from our minds through our fingers into the real world. It’s magic. Our very personal magic.”

PRE-ORDER available now: CD & Merchandise:

1. Child Mind
2. Particles
3. Quantum Fuzz
4. Submergence
5. Into Tranquility
6. Northern Lights
7. Unfolding
8. Swarm
9. Dreaming Aloud
10.Elias’s Lullaby
11.Beyond Time

Exclusive Bonus Tracks for CD
12. Code Bender*
13. Echoes of a Dream*
14. Once Entwined
Recorded live at Purchase College

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