Marco Minnemann – Eeps CD Review


Review of Marco Minnemann’s “Eeps”, released on July 9th on Lazy Bones Records.

Marco Minnemann is known as one of the most accomplished and brilliant drummers in music today, having worked with some of the best artist’s around including Steven Wilson and Joe Satriani.  Some may not know what an amazing all around musician he is as well.  The release of his latest solo album called “Eeps” arrives at just the perfect time.  With his popularity increasing with every drum solo he does at a Satriani show, the world is learning not just about Marco the drummer, but also Marco the all-around incredible and insane musician.  He plays everything and I mean everything, and he does it well.  And on “Eeps” he has achieved the perfect mix of all he does well.

There is so much music on this album, that you have to give it multiple listens to absorb it all.  That is not a criticism.  But as you start to get into the album, you realize you forgot what song you are on and you don’t care.  The styles zig-zag like a runaway go-cart through a maze.  There are songs deliberately out of key as Marco has described in recent interviews (check out the The Prog Report interview with Marco).  There are others that are melodic and accessible.  There is no style that is off limits here and it makes for a great ride.

The opening track, “Cheap as F**k and Awesome As Hell” is a nice kickoff track for the album, focusing heavily on the drums with a vibe similar to his band The Artistocrats.  Right away though, the album takes a left turn with the odd “OCDC”, where Marco sings over a 60s surf vibe, with a middle section with out of tune instruments.  This is definition of organized chaos.

The next few tracks, including “Live Ghost” and “Soul Dance” are killer jazz/fusion tracks where Marco shows off his guitar skills.  “Obvious” is a pop track, again with Marco singing over a synth-infused background.  This is reminiscent of something Steve Vai might have done on previous albums.

“Right on Time and Out of Tune” is exactly that.  An interesting and completely original song unlike anything you have heard before.  Somehow amid all the dissonant chaos, the song makes sense.  Following a few 2 minutes songs, comes the 11 minute opus “Sushi Cat Doll.”  This song goes through numerous styles, includes some beautiful mellow moments, some singing and more drumming brilliance.

There are some more standout tracks throughout the album, like the rocker “Painter” and groovy “360 Degrees.”  “Douche” provides some humor to the album.  And the album closes on another out-there track, “Villian Vultures.”

All in all, this is an album that is extremely adventurous, inventive, crazy and fun to listen to.  While it might take a few listens to soak it all in, it is quite the ride. And if you didn’t realize what a talent, Marco Minnemann is, this album should leave no doubt.



Produced by Scott Schorr and Marco Minnemann for Lazy Bones Recordings

+ = Mixed by Marco
1. Cheap as F**k and Awesome As Hell +
2. OC DC
3. Eeps +
4. Live Ghost
5. Soul Dance
6. Obvious +
7. Right on Time and Out of Tune +
8. Sushi Cat Doll
9. Sunshine
10. The Split
11. Painter
12. Dead Ghost
13. Douche +
14. Synthetic Swans +
15. When I Was Gone
Bonus Cuts (Exclusive to CD):
16. 360 Degrees +
17. Talking About LMR +
18. Villain Vultures

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