The Ultimate Top 20 Opeth Songs – Fan Voted

The Ultimate Top 20 Opeth Songs as voted on by fans.

We let you guys pick the Top 20 Opeth Songs and we have the final results.  Check out the list and a Spotify playlist of the top 20 below.

2.Ghost of Perdition
3.Reverie/Harlequin Forest
4.Blackwater Park
5.Drapery Falls
8.The Grand Conjuration
9.The Moor
10.Lotus Eater
12.The Baying of the Hounds
13.Heir Apparent
14.Demon of the Fall
15.Hessian Peel
16.Dirge For Novemeber
17.Funeral Portrait
18.To Bid You Farewell
19.The Leper Affinity
20.Moon Above, Sun Below


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