The Mommyheads – Genius Killer (Album Review)

Review of album from The Mommyheads – Genius Killer

Seems we are a little late to the party, seeing as how The Mommyheads have been around since 1987! But better late then never. After disbanding in ’98, the alt/indie rock group reunited back in 2008 and have now released the brilliant new album Genius Killer. If you’re a fan of bands like Jellyfish, ELO, Supertramp, The Lickerish Quartet, XTC, and all of the bands that are what we call prog-adjacent, then you get the idea of what The Mommyheads bring to table – a mix of those bands with their own unique twist.

The album is a mix of various styles but all incorporating an element of adventure in the group’s songwriting from the quirky lyrics to the different instrumentation.  The production also plays a roll, while it is not glossy, the almost stripped down down nature of the music makes the music sounds more raw and unpretentious.

From the opening track, “Impulse Item”, the ELO influence is undeniable – acoustic guitars, violins, gorgeous melodies. This is already one of my favorite tracks of the year. Singer Adam Elk has a very raw vocal style that fits perfectly and adds just enough edge to the tracks to keep things rock. This is a great way to kick off the album. But right when you think you have the album pegged, the title track has a very different feel, with a weird synth sound leading the way over an uptempo tribal drumbeat. Another winner.

Each song presents its own twist, from the almost Bossa Nova groove of “She’s A Fighter” to the 70s Funk of “Distill Your Into That Dying Light”. The songs could not be any different, yet absolutely fit together on his album. Even the single “Idealist” is something that Jellyfish could have snuck onto Spilt Milk.  Genius Killer is an album that offers a lot of discovery throughout. For something different, fun, and interesting throughout, definitely give this one a listen.

Released September 16th, 2022

1.Impulse Item 06:13
2.Genius Killer 04:29
3.She’s a Fighter 05:15
4.We Almost Lost it All 05:03
5.Distill Your Love Into That Dying Light 04:44
6.Idealist 04:53
7.Privilege 03:30
8.Bittersweet 05:00
9.One and the Same 05:24
10.First Five Seconds 05:20

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(Adam Elk, Michael Holt, Dan Fisherman, Jason McNair)

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