Prog Report Playlist – Covers of Genesis songs

genesis covers

A diverse and unique list of Genesis cover songs.

We scoured the Internet to find some interesting covers of Genesis songs and we were able to find some that seemed obvious and others not so much.  The vast and diverse catalog from this legendary band can lend itself to many bands or cover material.  This list is proof.

Keane – That’s All – The pop performed this piano classic on the VH1 rock honors show.  Fits them perfectly.


Disturbed – Land of Confusion – The metal band did a very cool but a little predictable cover of the 80’s hit.  Kudos for thinking of it though.


Transatlantic – Return of the Giant Hogweed – A very obvious one but this cover and in particular this performance is too good to be true.


Phish – Watcher of the Skies – Performed at Genesis’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Phish pulled out an old classic and did a nice job.  Most prog fans would not have thought of Phish as the band to do this tribute but they do a decent job on a pretty difficult song.


Flower Kings – Cinema Show – A great version by another great English Prog band.


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