Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) release second single “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli”

Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) release second single “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli”

Before launching their new album titled ‘I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’/’Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche’ on October 22nd, 2021, Premiata Forneria Marconi (aka PFM) – one the most influential and respected Italian rock bands in the world – are happy to present the second single off of said album today. “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli” is one of three instrumental tracks on the album, and it marks the album’s fulminant opening track.

You can now listen to the new song “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli” here:

Also check out the track by track video for “Worlds Beyond”/”Mondi Paralleli” below, as part of an upcoming track by track series which the band filmed specifically to provide some in-depth background info for each track on the album:

“The whole process of creating a new piece of work is the result of a constant sharing of ideas and creativity. On this new album, Patrick and I act as the rhythm section, which works well because we really get along perfectly. One common thread between us is our great passion for Sci-Fi movies. In the past, we watched many of them together, one being the classic Blade Runner. One question in that movie really hit us: “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” It’s something that really made us think.

“The world has been changing around us; computers are taking over every aspect of our lives. Covid did a lot to accelerate this process. With people staying and working from home and kids taking virtual classes, not being able to go to school, it seems like everyone is rapidly becoming an android. Each one of us was kind of locked in himself and could not interact with others. The leading principle was avoiding social contact. This reminded us of one of Blade Runner’s main scenes when an android was asked about his mother. Obviously, being a machine, it could not have such a memory or personal experience on who its family was and where it came from.

“From this we developed the concept for this new album.

“We believe in the power of people to use their imaginations. This is what really makes the difference between human beings and androids. Being able to dream affects your life, your creativity, your thoughts”.

‘I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’/’Ho Sognato Pecore Lettriche’ will be available as:
• Ltd. 2CD Digipak in O-Card with special artwork
• Gatefold black 2LP+2CD and special LP-booklet
• Digital double-album

You can pre-order the album here now:

And here’s the track listing for both versions of the album:
pmf (Premiata Forneria Marconi)
“I Dreamed of Electric Sheep”:
1. Worlds Beyond (English version) (03:19)
2. Adrenaline Oasis (English version) (04:53)
3. Let Go (English version) (04:06)
4. City Life (English version) (05:01)
5. If I Had Wings (English version) (04:23)
6. Electric Sheep (English version) (04:09)
7. Daily Heroes (English version) (03:48)
8. Kindred Souls (English version) (06:19)
9. Transhumance (English version) (01:07)
10. Transhumance Jam (English version) (03:39)

“Ho Sognato Pecore Lettriche”
1. Mondi Paralleli (Italian version) (03:19)
2. Umani Alieni (Italian version) (04:53)
3. Ombre Amiche (Italian version) (04:06)
4. La Grande Corsa (Italian version) (05:01)
5. AtmoSpace (Italian version) (04:23)
6. Pecore Elettriche (Italian version) (04:09)
7. Mr. Non Lo So (Italian version) (03:48)
8. Il Respiro Del Tempo (Italian version) (06:19)
9. Transumanza (Italian version) (01:07)
10. Transumanza Jam (Italian version) (03:39)

PFM is a very eclectic and exuberant musical group with a distinctive style that impressively combines rock, progressive, and classical music into one mesmerizing sonic entity. Formed in 1971, the band quickly gained a prominent place on the international scene by making it to the Billboard charts (for 1973’s ‘Photos Of Ghosts’), and winning a Gold record in Japan while constantly ruling the charts in their home country until today. PFM were honored as #50 in the “UK Classic Rock Hall of Fame” of the 100 most important artists in the world. In 2017, PFM released the album ‘Emotional Tattoos’, their first with InsideOutMusic.


PFM signs worldwide deal with InsideOutMusic


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