PODCAST: 2022 Mid-Year Recap

A look at some of the albums released in the first half of 2022.

2022 has been a stellar year so far with new albums from Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Jethro Tull, and dozens of other incredible releases. As we do each year, on this podcast we revisit some of the albums released already.
What have been some of your favorites so far?

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1 comment

  • Great list…. but missing quite a bit of amazing releases on the more metal side of things.. a few suggestions.

    Wilderun – “Epigone” (Epic/orchestral progressive death, FFO Haken/Opeth)

    Rolo Tomassi – “Where Myth Becomes Memory” (Full sounding Tech death with a bit of -core influences. Devin Townsend meets Dillinger Escape Plan)

    Persefone – “Metatonia” (very spacey Progressive Death. BTBAM meets Tool and Floyd)

    Amorphis – “Halo” (More Melodic Death than Prog Death… but it hits on some of those progressive notes well enough)

    Hath – “All that was Promised” (FFO bands like Black Crown Initiate, or Rivers of Nihil. Halfway between Progressive Death and Tech Death)

    Hallas – “Isle of Wisdom” (My one non Metal suggestion. Very Uriah Heep/Wishbone Ash influenced heavy Prog rock…. A must check out band)

    White Ward – “False Light” (A mix of Post-Black and Progressive Black Metal. FFO: Agalloch/Enslaved/Ihsahn/Borknagar).

    Also, strong HM to “Vaxis Pt.2” from
    Coheed and Cambria. I know a lot of people aren’t digging the shorter poppier tracks… but they’re catchy as hell… and those last 3 tracks go real hard. Great album IMO.

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