New book series details Steven Wilson’s entire musical output

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Volume 1 of Steven Wilson – Footprints is available now online.

This month sees the launch of Volume 1 of Steven Wilson – Footprints, the first in a series of ebooks which will cover the entire solo, band and side project career of Steven Wilson, from his early days right up to the present.

If you’re a fan of his music, with a “File. Index Catalogue.” mindset then this is really worth checking out. Authors Guy M Tkach and Peter M Sieker have produced an almost 1,200 page PDF that starts with the early years and bands that he was involved in, through to the formation and the entire career of Porcupine Tree. The book covers the events that took place in chronological order, with details of recordings, gigs and set lists, and an extensive discography all illustrated by photographs, right back to images of the original demo cassettes.

The first 800 pages present the time line and events / shows in album order, followed by a lavishly illustrated 200 page discography which includes everything through to the recent Bandcamp live downloads. The 100 page Song Reference section presents an incredibly details index of every track and every place it appears. So if you want to track down the 23 places In Absentia’s “.3” appears, this is the book for you!

What’s incredible is that it can be yours for the cost of a donation of $14/€12/£10 to a charity of your choice, the authors will send you the PDF – so you do something good, and get something amazing!

For more info, check out the website here

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