King’s X Interview – Three Sides of One

King’s X talk about the making of the album, their history and more.

King’s X are back with their first studio album in 14 years ‘Three Sides of One’ which was just released on Sept. 2, 2022.  Roie interviewed the full band (Ty Tabor, dUg Pinnick, and Jerry Gaskill) prior to the album’s release where they talk about the making of the album, their history and more.

This interview was previously released on the label and band socials in 3 parts.  This is the audio of the full interview.

Read our review of the album here.

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The full track-listing is as follows:
1. Let It Rain 04:28
2. Flood Pt. 1 03:03
3. Nothing But The Truth 06:03
4. Give It Up 02:59
5. All God’s Children 05:32
6. Take The Time 03:45
7. Festival 03:30
8. Swipe Up 03:46
9. Holidays 03:22
10. Watcher 03:43
11. She Called Me Home 03:57
12. Every Everywhere 02:40

Photo credit: Mark Weiss

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