Geoff Downes – The Song That Changed My Life

Geoff Downes from Yes/Asia on the Song That Changed His Life.

In 2015, Geoff Downes spoke with The Prog Report about the loss of Chris Squire, touring and the upcoming cruise.  He also chimed in on what was the song that changed his life.  See what he had to say:

“Certainly something like Close to the Edge, when I heard that it was just a groundbreaking piece that changed my life, when I heard that in its entirety.  You know one side of an album going through all these different time changes and musical moments.  Something like that I think that a lot of people, certainly Yes fans, will site that as the one instance of a song that really made a big impact on them.” 

We also asked him if it was still a challenge to play, “Yes, it’s a big challenge because when they put that together it was a collage of ideas that kind of fell into place.  There’s an enormous amount of thought in putting that music together.  But I enjoy the challenge.”

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