The Song That Changed My Life – Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani tells about the musical moments that changed his life.

Taken from a 2015 interview

We asked the guitar legend Joe Satriani what was the most important musical moment for him and he had two to share:

There were two that were very important.  The first would be when I was a very little kid, I’m guessing 5 years old, I was with my family vacationing up in Vermont and my older sisters were going to a local dance.  We were dropping them off and my parents let me walk in the door of this hall where they were having this dance.  I remember I heard what turned out to be this band doing “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones and it literally changed my life.  I swear the DNA in my body suddenly turned around and upside down and rearranged itself in that one moment.  I just never forgot about that.  That turned me into a drummer.  At age 9 for a good 3 years I was a drummer, taking lessons. 

But right around the time I was easing up on that, I heard a Hendrix song coming through the radio one day and it was ‘The Wind Cries Mary” and that was another moment where I really felt my brain and my body somehow change.  It was a total unexplainable cathartic moment for a little kid to go through.  I was a little bit older, I must have been 11 or something like that.  I just remember thinking, this is something that I’ve been waiting for my whole life.


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