The Flower Kings – Progressive Nation at Sea Featured Band #19

the flower kings

The Flower Kings is a Swedish progressive rock group, formed in 1994 by guitarist Roine Stolt.  Initially created as a touring band to support his solo album The Flower King, the band stayed together after the tour and have gone on to become one of the most prolific studio recording units in rock music of their era. Their music is similar to early symphonic progressive rock groups such as Yes, marked by sharp dynamic changes, polyrhythmics, heavy bass, vocal harmonies, abstract and occasionally nonsensical lyrics, and extended song lengths.

Roine Stolt has written the vast majority of the material the band has recorded, with Bodin contributing most of the rest.

The band has released 12 studio albums including 2013’s Desolation Rose.

Roine Stolt is also a member of Transatlantic.


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