Deep Purple – inFinite (Album Review)

Review of the new Deep Purple album, inFinite, out April 7th, 2017

Not many bands are able to claim to have 20 albums to their name, and in many cases, if they do, the 20th album certainly might not be very good.  Yet, here we have another Deep Purple album, their 20th to be exact, and for a band that continues to play live as good as they ever have, its no surprise that their new album, ‘inFinite’, is their best in years.  Not since the ‘Purpendicular’ album, their first with then new guitarist Steve Morse in 1996, have the Hall of Fame legends put together such a concise, focused, and brilliantly written group of songs from beginning to end.

The group’s last effort, 2013’s ‘Now What?!’ was indeed solid and their first with veteran producer Bob Ezrin, who returns for this album.  The decision to go with Ezrin again proves to be a fantastic idea, as it is obvious that the producer knew the second time around which buttons to push and how to build on the good from the previous record.  All around the performances are solid, from the heavy booming rhythm section of Roger Glover and Ian Paice to the organ work from keyboardist Don Airey.  But once again it is the genius guitar work of Steve Morse and the never aging vocals of Ian Gillan that make this material soar.  Morse is more understated on this album than before, but his solos are still something to behold, while Gillan sounds as good as ever.

The album opens with the powerful, prototypical Purple rocker, “Time in Bedlam” where the groundwork for the album is laid, while the album’s second track “Hip Boots” is pure groovy roots rock.  But the 3rd track and the lead single from the album “All I Want Is You” is outstanding and one of their best in recent memory. Paice’s perfect timing on the opening slow groove sets the stage for the explosive work from Airey and Morse once the song picks up.

Other highlights include the Bossa Nova groove, progressive track, “The Surprising” which is a haunting and captivating track with a brilliantly placed hook that keeps you tuned in, and the track “Birds of Prey” a track that is Deep Purple at its heaviest, with a tremendous close out layered with Morse’s guitar mastery.

For anyone that thought this band was done, this album is proof it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Not only is ‘inFinite’ a great Deep Purple album, it is one of the best rock albums you’ll hear this year.

Released on April 7th, 2017 on earMusic

Key Tracks: The Surprising, Birds of Prey, All I Got Is You

“Time for Bedlam” – 4:35
“Hip Boots” – 3:23
“All I Got Is You” – 4:42
“One Night in Vegas” – 3:23
“Get Me Outta Here” – 3:58
“The Surprising” – 5:57
“Johnny’s Band” – 3:51
“On Top of the World” – 4:01
“Birds of Prey” – 5:47
“Roadhouse Blues” – 6:00 (The Doors cover)

Ian Paice – drums
Ian Gillan – lead vocals
Roger Glover – bass
Steve Morse – guitar, vocals
Don Airey – keyboards

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