Pariah (From To The Bone) – The lead single from To The Bone is a somber ballad between two opposite views of life, with Ninet Tayeb back to counter Wilson’s feelings of despair.


My Book of Regrets (From 4 1/2) – A leftover track from the HCE sessions released on the 4 1/2 EP, this song is pure classic Porcupine Tree.


Deform To From A Star (From Grace For Drowning) – The ballad from his second album which features Jordan Rudess on piano.  A brilliant reminder of Wilson’s ability to create stunning harmonies.


Drive Home (From The Raven That Refused To Sing) – The most pop song on The Raven, this song is worth visiting for Guthrie Govan’s breathtaking solo.


Harmony Korine (From Insurgentes) – The lead track from his first solo album is the closest to his band Porcupine Tree.  Although much of Insurgentes is not like this track, this is one that Wilson still highlights at live shows and is worth having in your collection.

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